AIHA President Dawson Featured in National Coverage of Recordkeeping, Nursing Home Injuries

Published November 8, 2013

Two stories posted on the websites of national publications this morning feature quotations from AIHA President Barbara Dawson on issues of occupational health and safety.

OSHA Proposal on Recordkeeping

Wall Street Journal reporter Alexandra Berzon interviewed Dawson regarding OSHA’s surprise announcement yesterday of a new proposed rule that would create a public database of workplace injuries and illnesses records. According to a statement released by David Michaels, assistant secretary of Labor for OSHA, facilities with more than 250 employees would be required under the rule to electronically submit data regarding injuries and illnesses to OSHA. The agency would purge the data of personal identifying information before making it public.

Dawson told Berzon that “there’s always going to be some tension” between the desire to make such information more transparent and the concern that doing so might encourage companies to under-report illnesses and injuries.

Wall Street Journal subscribers can read the full article online (subscription required).

Injuries in Nursing Homes

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data released Nov. 7, nursing home workers in the private sector have a higher injury rate than miners and construction workers. Dawson informed National Journal reporter Patrick Reis that patient lifting is the leading cause of injuries among workers in nursing homes.

Read Reis’s article “America’s Most Dangerous Workplace Isn’t Where You’d Expect” on the National Journal's website.