AIHA Releases New Fall Protection Fact Sheet, Translation of Safe Patient Handling Tip Sheet

Posted July 2, 2014

The AIHA Safety Committee recently developed a fall protection fact sheet on calculating clearances when using the new ANSI Z359.13 lanyards. Serious injuries can occur if a worker impacts the ground or other lower obstruction. When a fall arrest system is being used, it is essential to know both the required and the available clearance.

The new fact sheet discusses the old ANSI Z359.1 lanyards and concerns with their use, and provides information about the new ANSI Z359.13 lanyards. The fact sheet answers the following questions:

  • Does OSHA allow free falls to exceed 6 feet and PEAs to deploy more than 3.5 feet?
  • When using the new (Z359.13) equipment, do the required clearances need to increase?
  • Are ANSI Z359.1 energy-absorbing lanyards still available for purchase?
  • When may the new PEAs exceed 3.5 feet of deployment?

AIHA also recently released the Spanish translation of its “QuickTips” sheet to provide OHS professionals with information on safe patient handling and mobility. QuickTips sheets provide a brief description of a given occupational hazard, methods of control, and resources for additional information. All QuickTips sheets are available for download on AIHA’s website and are supported by AIHA’s alliance with OSHA.