AIHA Seeks Members' Feedback on Infrastructure Needs Related to Worker Health, Safety

Posted April 5, 2017

Congress is in the early stages of developing a trillion-dollar infrastructure package and is collecting information on infrastructure needs and ideas from stakeholder groups such as AIHA. In this case, “infrastructure” is broadly defined and includes a variety of elements that facilitate life in America such as roads, bridges, drinking water pipes, waste water, buildings, energy, airports, ports, and railroads. As occupational health and safety experts in varied workplaces, AIHA members have a key role to play in the development of this historically large infrastructure legislation in Congress.

AIHA Director of Government Relations Mark Ames urges members to send him thoughts and ideas for worker health and safety-related infrastructure needs by close of business on Wednesday, April 12. AIHA members should be as specific as possible in their comments and reference legislation or regulations where they are able.

Please direct comments and questions to Ames via email at