AIHA Seeks SMEs on the Field Use of Direct-Reading Instruments

Posted February 7, 2019

AIHA is seeking 10 to 12 subject matter experts to participate in a project to update and revise the Field Use of Direct-Reading Instruments Body of Knowledge.

Project Overview

The AIHA Board of Directors is supporting moving forward with establishing a project team to update the current DRI BoK to reflect:

  • appropriate use, management of direct-reading equipment;
  • the AIHA Standardized Equipment Specifications Sheet developed by the Real-Time Detection Systems Committee;
  • and, when available, the ISO/IEC standards 62990-1: Gas Detectors – Performance requirement of detectors for toxic gases and 62990-2: Gas Detectors – Selection, installation, use, and maintenance of detectors for toxic gases and vapors and oxygen.

The project team will be charged with identifying the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) as well as the suite of tools, methods, and guidelines that need to be developed to make this information actionable and usable for the IH professional.


While this project is expected to run over the course of 9 to 12 months, volunteers’ specific time commitment will be far less and will include:

  • involvement in an initial kick-off conference call
  • participation in conference calls to flesh out the KSAs
  • participation in a one-and-a-half day face-to-face working meeting at the AIHA office in Falls Church, Va., to develop a draft BoK
  • as necessary, individual time spent reviewing existing materials (for example, current BoK, Standardized Equipment Specifications Sheet, ISO standards as they become available, NIOSH documents, and other content-related authoritative sources)
  • as necessary, individual time spent to review, comment, and finalize the team’s output during the course of the project. 

In absolute terms, the time spent might be 3 to 5 days over the course of 9 to 12 months. Please note that all expenses for travel to the face-to-face meeting will be covered by AIHA.

To participate on this team, please complete the participant application and submit it by Friday, March 1, 2019.

If you cannot commit the time to participate in this content development team but are interested in participating by providing input via surveys or comment on the draft KSAs, please complete the participant application and indicate your ability and willingness to participate as a stakeholder.

Please email Stacy Calhoun, AIHA’s senior project manager of Scientific & Technical Initiatives, with questions.