AIHA Seeks Volunteer SMEs for Body of Knowledge Project on Respiratory Protection

Posted August 17, 2014

AIHA is seeking volunteer subject matter experts (SMEs) to participate in further developing a Body of Knowledge (BoK) for a focused area of industrial hygiene practice: respiratory protection program administration and fit testing. The goal of this BoK project is to define the needs for training and education for respiratory protection program administrators and fit testers.

Industrial hygienists and allied professionals can be engaged in respiratory protection program administration and fit testing work throughout their careers. The expectations for such work by an early career professional should be different than the expectations by a mid-career or senior-level professional. The skills, knowledge, and abilities that define a competent practitioner at these various career stages have not, to date, been defined in a systematic and comprehensive manner.

AIHA’s initiative is focused on developing a BoK which:

  • Establishes the framework for entry-level education or training to prepare professionals to enter the workforce
  • Establishes the framework for continuing education or training programs
  • Establishes the content basis for self-assessment instruments or competency profiles, to help professionals determine learning gaps and develop learning plans
  • Improves the state of professional knowledge and practice

Volunteer SMEs may participate in one of three ways: as a core team member, as a member of the review team, or as a stakeholder.

For more information on this project, please see the roles and responsibilities sheet and the participant application, available on the AIHA website.

Applications are due no later than August 30, 2014. Please submit application forms and supporting materials to Mary Ann Latko.