AIHA Thought Leader Discusses New HazCom Standard

Posted November 6, 2013

​In the latest video in the AIHA® "Thought Leaders" series, Denese Deeds, CIH, discusses the changes she has seen in hazard communication over the course of her career. “When I started my career, SDSs were in their infancy," Deeds says. "Then OSHA issued the Hazard Communication Standard, and that really began to change things. With the advent of the GHS, we’re going to see more improvements in the quality of information about the chemicals that people work with.”

Deeds is a consultant based in Shelton, Conn., whose practice includes safety data sheet (SDS) and label authoring. She has served on various AIHA committees and helped develop the SDS and Label Author exam, which is based on Revision 4 of GHS. Watch the video on