AIHA to Hold Special Ballot for Bylaws Amendments

​Posted April 11, 2018

Updated May 2, 2018

In July, AIHA will invite members to vote on proposed changes to the association’s bylaws. The proposed changes are expected to redefine categories of membership and introduce a new procedure for nominating the officers of AIHA’s Board of Directors. The ballot will be conducted electronically through the Votenet system, which is the same system AIHA uses for its annual election.

To take effect, bylaws amendments must be approved by two-thirds of AIHA’s voting members.

The Board has developed an FAQ document about the proposed amendments. A new version of the FAQ document was posted to the AIHA website on May 2.

AIHA President Deborah Imel Nelson discussed the proposed changes to membership categories in the January Synergist. Her upcoming president’s message in the May 2018 issue will discuss the nominations process.