Call for Public Comments on Proposed ERPGs for Ammonia

Posted August 14, 2013

The Emergency Response Planning (ERP) Committee develops guidelines for responding to potential releases of airborne substances for use in community emergency planning. The Emergency Response Planning Guidelines (ERPGs) are air concentration guidelines for single exposures to agents and are intended for use as tools to assess the adequacy of accident prevention and emergency response plans, including transportation emergency planning, community emergency response plans, and incident prevention and mitigation.

View the ERP Committee’s proposed values for ERPGs for ammonia in the document “Recommended ERPGs for Ammonia and Rationales.”

In addition to providing comments, the Committee also welcomes recommendations of additional references or resources they should consider.

The public comment period ends Sept. 30, 2013. Comments should be sent to the AIHA® Guideline Foundation. Please e-mail Vicky Yobp or mail comments to:

AIHA Guideline Foundation
3141 Fairview Park Drive, Suite 777
Falls Church, VA 22042