Call for Questions: Synergist Town Hall Webinar on Flame-Resistant Clothing

​Posted May 30, 2019

By Ed Rutkowski

The Synergist and Bulwark FR are asking AIHA members for their help in creating the next presentation in our Town Hall Webinar Series. The webinar is scheduled for mid-August, and the presenter is Derek Sang, Bulwark's Technical Training Manager. Derek's expertise lies in helping people understand the arc flash and flash fire hazards along with the proper selection, use, care, and maintenance of FR/AR clothing.

If you have any questions about FR clothing, this is your opportunity to get answers from an experienced professional. You can submit your questions by emailing the Synergist staff.

For more information about Synergist Webinars, visit our webinar site.

Ed Rutkowski is editor in chief of The Synergist.