Coming in 2019: Delivery Schedule Change for AIHA's E-newsletters

​Posted December 5, 2018
Updated December 11, 2018

AIHA’s two weekly e-newsletters will be delivered on different days of the week beginning in January 2019. The Synergist Weekly, which is currently delivered each Wednesday, will be sent to all AIHA members on Thursdays. The Synergist Newswire—currently AIHA’s Friday e-newsletter—will be sent each week on Tuesday.

The delivery schedule change will occur during the first full week in January. That week, The Synergist Newswire will be delivered on Tuesday, Jan. 8, and The Synergist Weekly will be delivered on Thursday, Jan. 10.

More information on The Synergist Weekly is available on AIHA’s website. A separate page provides information on The Synergist Newswire. Please email questions to the Synergist team.