Just Published: Fourth Edition of "A Strategy for Assessing and Managing Occupational Exposures"

Posted September 9, 2015

One of the core principles of industrial and occupational hygiene is exposure risk assessment, which is also a critical element of the overall risk assessment process. In 1991, the AIHA Exposure Assessment Strategies Committee (EASC) published the first edition of A Strategy for Assessing and Managing Occupational Exposures. In the intervening 24 years, workplaces have grown exponentially in complexity. The exposure assessment process and its tools have evolved to meet these growing demands for the industrial hygiene professional.

Now it its fourth edition, A Strategy for Assessing and Managing Occupational Exposures includes value-added content and information through additional multi-media tools. By using any mobile device to read the QR codes placed in various sections, you'll find tutorial videos, spreadsheets, models, articles, and more that will assist you in better understanding these crucial topics. In addition, this new edition also expands the discussion on the use of models and Bayesian Decision Analysis (BDA) tools.

Doing more with less is a trend that continues in all areas of the workplaces, making them more complex through advances in chemistry and technology. AIHA's EASC will meet these evolving challenges through the development and expansion of products and services to assist today's industrial hygienist. This new edition is but another step in the evolution of workplace exposure assessment and a critical tool for today's qualified professional.

A Strategy for Assessing and Managing Occupational Exposures is now available for sale in the AIHA Marketplace.