Latest "Thought Leaders" Video Profiles a CIH in Health Care

Posted June 26, 2013

Don’t miss the fourth video in the AIHA® “Thought Leaders” series, featuring Erica Stewart, CIH, HEM, an environmental health and safety manager with Kaiser Permanente and current chair of AIHA’s Green Building Working Group. Stewart discusses how she got started in the industrial hygiene profession in the mid-1980s, making the jump from counting asbestos fibers at a consulting firm to enforcing worker safety in a health care setting.

Stewart also discusses changes she has witnessed in the profession since she began her career. “When I entered the field, industrial hygiene was very compliance driven,” she says. “I think the future of the profession now lies in risk management and understanding that aspect of occupational hygiene. I believe that’s where the profession is going, and we need to think about that.”

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