AIHA Responds to OSHA Proposed Rule to Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses

Posted November 13, 2013

On Nov. 7, OSHA issued a proposed rule to improve workplace safety and health through improved tracking of workplace injuries and illnesses. In summary, the proposed rule amends the current recordkeeping regulations to add requirements for the electronic submission of injury and illness information employers are already required to keep under existing standards. The first part of the proposal is for establishments with more than 250 employees and the second part is for establishments of 20 or more employees.

AIHA® issued the following statement upon announcement of the proposed rule:

While much depends on the details of the proposed rule, AIHA supports OSHA’s efforts to protect workers by making employee injury and illness records public, as this will more effectively prevent workplace accidents and illnesses. The proposal will increase the focus of senior managers on injury and illness data and encourage employers to do the right thing for their workers. We will closely review the proposed rule and seek input from our members and other stakeholders as we put together formal comments on the proposal.

On Nov. 11, the AIHA Executive Committee discussed the OSHA proposed rule and outlined the steps AIHA will take to respond to this proposed rule. As a result of this discussion, the following steps are being taken:

  • AIHA Volunteer Groups (VG) are hereby notified that if a VG wishes to provide draft comments for the AIHA Board to consider for submission on the proposed rule, the VG should notify Aaron Trippler of their intent. Draft comments approved by the VG are to be submitted to Aaron no later than Jan. 3, 2014.
  • AIHA individual members are also encouraged to provide comments to Aaron. Members should notify Aaron of their intent. The deadline to submit individual comments is also Jan. 3, 2014. Individual members are also encouraged to submit comments directly to OSHA; however, comments submitted directly to OSHA should note that the comments are not representative of AIHA.
  • Upon receipt of all draft comments from VGs and/or individual members, the comments will be reviewed and consolidated by a task force composed of 3 to 4 AIHA members appointed by the AIHA President. This task force will then present the consolidated comments to the full AIHA Board for review, approval, and submission to OSHA to meet the agency’s Feb. 6, 2014 deadline.

View the proposed rule in the Nov. 8 issue of the Federal Register. For more information, see answers to frequently asked questions about the rule on OSHA’s website.

Final reminder: If a Volunteer Group or individual AIHA member is interested in providing comments on the proposed rule, Aaron Trippler must be notified of their intent. Draft comments must be submitted no later than Jan. 3, 2014.

Please e-mail Aaron Trippler with questions.