Shape or Provide Information for the Next Generation of Health Metrics

Posted February 7, 2019

AIHA is seeking up to 12 subject matter experts to participate in a new project to establish a standardized set of leading health metrics that occupational health and safety professionals can use to manage and report on OHS programs.

Project Overview

We all know that “what gets measured gets managed.” In the case of employee health, all the commonly used and reported metrics rely on retrospective information. Exposure data, illness rates, and the like measure negative impacts that have already occurred rather than providing anticipatory or leading information.

Many organizations have developed or use various leading metrics to assist in recognizing and controlling health hazards, but there are no standardized versions that would allow broad comparison and assessment. The greatest value of OHS metrics is their use in preventing disease or injuries before they occur. Without standardization, data analysis will always be incomplete, and outcomes will always be difficult to assess. External reporting of non-standardized data has limited value or ability to improve prevention of OHS concerns.

With that in mind, AIHA—in collaboration with the Center for Safety and Health Sustainability—has initiated an effort to assess existing or to develop new measurement values to establish a standardized set of leading health metrics for assessment and reporting purposes.

This effort will consist of five stages:

  • Convene a broad coalition of experts to review previous and/or existing materials developed by professional associations, multi-national companies, and other stakeholder groups.
  • Consider potential new health metrics that have not been previously employed.
  • Agree on a draft set of leading health metrics based on agreed upon criteria.
  • Beta test health metrics with selected stakeholder groups.
  • Distribute guidance material into the marketplace.

This project will require the participation of a diverse team of individuals who have experience in measuring OHS performance to narrow the lengthy list of potential health metrics to those best suited for broad application.


While this project is expected to run over the course of 9 to12 months, volunteers’ specific time commitment will be far less and will include:

  • involvement in an initial kick-off conference call
  • participation in a one-and-a-half day face-to-face working meeting at the AIHA office in Falls Church, Va., to develop a draft set of leading health metrics
  • participation in follow-up conference calls/online meetings as needed
  • as necessary, individual time spent reviewing existing materials and other content-related authoritative sources
  • as necessary, individual time spent to review, comment, and finalize the team’s output during the course of the project. 

In absolute terms, the time spent might be 3 to 5 days over the course of 9 to 12 months.

To volunteer to for this team, please complete the participant application and submit it by Friday, March 1, 2019.

If you cannot commit the time to participate in this content development team but are interested in participating by providing input via surveys or comment on the draft set of leading health metrics, please complete the participant application and indicate your ability and willingness to participate as a stakeholder.

Please email Alan Leibowitz with questions.