Tennessee Valley Section-AIHA Fall Conference Attendees Tour the "Worst Plant in the World"

Posted October 16, 2015

By Melissa Smith

Approximately 100 attendees of the Tennessee Valley Section (TVS)-AIHA 2015 Fall Conference, which was held Oct. 7–9, 2015, were treated to a photographic tour of ''the worst plant in the world." Presenters Corey Briggs, CIH, CET; Michael Holton, CIH, CSP; and their peers at Ramboll Environ designed "The Worst Plant: A Virtual Safety and Health Audit," an informative course intended to provide as many opportunities for audience participation as possible. The course included breakout sessions, contests, case-studies, regulatory searches, and other interactive activities such as "bar trivia," "lightning rounds," and "spin the wheel of H&S."

The seminar itself was an assemblage of hundreds of digital photographs showing various regulatory compliance issues that the speakers have noted during their many years of performing regulatory compliance audits and assessments. As the photos were shown, instructors quizzed attendees on the issues depicted in the images and discussed where they might be found in OSHA regulations.

Many attendees complimented the course: "We are thankful for the strong local section of AIHA,” said Tina Kline-Douglas of Tennessee OSHA. “They have strengthened our staff's knowledge more than they probably realize."

Left to right: Melissa Smith, CIH (President, TVS-AIHA); John Dugger, CSP (President-elect, TVS-AIHA); and AIHA members Corey Briggs and Michael Holton of Ramboll Environ.