ACGIH Board Ratifies 2017 TLVs and BEIs

Published February 8, 2017

​On Jan. 31, ACGIH announced that its board had ratified the 2017 Threshold Limit Values (TLVs) for Chemical Substances and Physical Agents and Biological Exposure Indices (BEIs). The ACGIH Board of Directors also approved recommendations for additions to the Notice of Intended Changes (NIC) list, which includes substances and agents for which a limit/BEI is proposed for the first time, for which changes are proposed, for which retention as an NIC is proposed, or for which withdrawal of the adopted TLV/BEI is proposed. Substances and physical agents that appear on the NIC are considered “trial values.”

Chemical substances and physical agents on the 2017 NIC list include chlorine, chromium and inorganic compounds, lead chromate, audible sound, and cold stress.

TLVs and BEIs are health-based values derived from ACGIH’s conclusions of the exposure levels that typical workers can experience without adverse health effects. According to ACGIH, BEIs are guidance values for assessing biological monitoring results. Most BEIs are based on a direct correlation with the TLV, although some are instead directly related to the development of an adverse health effect. For more information, see ACGIH’s website.