Agencies Release New Fact Sheet, Guidance for Ebola Preparedness and Response

Published January 7, 2015

OSHA, NIOSH, and CDC recently released new Ebola resources related to fatigue and personal protective equipment (PPE) for workers, employers, responders, and healthcare facilities. OSHA and NIOSH teamed up to publish a new fact sheet on preventing fatigue among Ebola healthcare workers and responders, and CDC released guidance for U.S. healthcare facilities to ensure adequate supplies of PPE for Ebola preparedness.

The fact sheet provides basic information on worker fatigue and its effects, and highlights the shared responsibility between employers and workers to prioritize quality sleep. Employers will find information on developing and implementing a fatigue risk management plan, providing training on worker fatigue, and examining shift lengths and workloads to ensure appropriate work-rest cycles. The fact sheet also includes tips for workers on preventing fatigue, including the use of a buddy system and suggestions for getting a good night’s sleep.

CDC’s new guidance on PPE summarizes the current supply situation in the U.S. and recommends approaches for healthcare facilities to increase PPE as part of their Ebola preparedness planning. The agency seeks to assist facilities in estimating and attaining the minimum amount of PPE to have available as recommended in CDC’s interim guidance for hospital preparedness for patients under investigation or with confirmed Ebola virus disease. View the recently published PPE guidance on the agency’s website.