American Chemical Society to Highlight Nanomaterial Safety in Labs

Published May 9, 2019

On Thursday, May 16, the American Chemical Society will host a webinar about working safely in laboratories with products that contain nanomaterials. According to ACS, working at the nanoscale allows scientists to use the unique physical, chemical, mechanical, and optical properties of materials. The upcoming webinar will discuss the importance of integrating nanomaterial-containing products into existing lab safety programs. Participants will also learn how to create and maintain a strong safety culture in the lab and about resources that are available to laboratories, manufacturers, and processors to safely handle nanomaterials.

Scheduled speakers include Ken Kretchman, director of environmental safety at N.C. State University; Craig Merlic, a professor of chemistry at UCLA; and Chemical and Laboratory Safety Officer Debbie Decker of UC Davis. Chuck Geraci, NIOSH’s associate director for emerging technologies, will join the panel as moderator. Geraci is this year’s recipient of AIHA’s Henry F. Smyth Jr. Award.

The webinar is free to attend. Interested individuals can learn more or register via the ACS website.

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