Apply for the Safe-in-Sound Award, Presented by NIOSH and NHCA

Published June 14, 2017

NIOSH and the National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA) are accepting nominations for the 2018 Safe-in-Sound Award, which recognizes excellent hearing loss prevention practices in the work environment. Applicants are evaluated against key performance indicators in a review process designed to evaluate hearing loss prevention programs in the workplace. NIOSH and NHCA may also recognize individuals, organizations, or business entities for innovative advances in the prevention of noise-induced hearing loss applicable to occupational exposures with the Innovation in Hearing Loss Prevention Award.

“Noise has been recognized as an occupational hazard since before industrialization, and it is still a common exposure across different work settings and industries,” said NIOSH Director John Howard, MD, MPH, JD, LLM. “We are optimistic that the work accomplished by award recipients will support the advancement of the individual worker, their families, and our nation’s economy.”

The deadline for third-party nominations has passed, but self-nominations will be accepted until July 15, 2017.

For more information, visit the Safe-in-Sound home page. Questions may be emailed to