EPA Drafts Guidance for Reporting, Recordkeeping Requirements for Nanoscale Materials

Published May 17, 2017

​EPA has delayed the effective date of a final rule that establishes reporting and recordkeeping requirements for certain chemical substances when manufactured or processed as nanoscale materials. This action delays the rule’s original effective date by three months, from May 12, 2017, to Aug. 14. At the same time, EPA has published draft guidance on the information gathering rule on nanomaterials in commerce. The draft document contains answers to questions EPA has received from manufacturers, importers, and processers of the chemical substances affected by the final rule.

The requirements in the rule are intended to help EPA collect exposure and health and safety information on nanoscale chemical substances and facilitate the agency’s evaluation of these materials. In addition, the rule requires one-time reporting for both existing and new discrete forms of certain nanoscale materials before the new forms are manufactured or processed. Under the requirements, companies will notify EPA of production volume; methods of manufacture; processing, use, exposure, and release information; available health and safety data; and other information such as specific chemical identity.

A pre-publication copy of the draft guidance is available for review and public comment. The 30-day comment period will begin once the guidance has been published in the Federal Register.