EU Identifies Worker Risks in Wind Energy Sector

Published January 2, 2014

​A new report available from the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) discusses the risks faced by workers throughout the wind turbine life cycle and outlines challenges for the industry. The report notes that accidents and injuries in the relatively new wind energy sector have increased every year since 2008. The challenges facing the industry include a shortage of adequately trained workers and a lack of international consistency in health and safety practices.

Workers in the wind energy sector face hazards related to diving (at offshore wind turbine facilities), emergency evacuations, exposure to weather extremes, falls, and confined spaces, as well as ergonomic hazards such as awkward postures and manual handling. The report calls for consideration of occupational health and safety concerns during the early stages of a wind energy project so that these hazards can be “designed out” of wind turbine facilities.

The report is available as a PDF from the EU-OSHA website.