IRSST Adds 16 New Models to Interactive Protective Glove Selection Tool

Published August 24, 2016

IRSST, a nonprofit scientific research organization in Quebec, Canada, recently added 16 new models to its Protective Gloves Selection Guide, an interactive tool intended to help individuals and occupational health and safety managers identify protective gloves that correspond to their needs. Using IRSST’s selection tool, users can search for information on specific glove models or perform a criteria-based search. The interactive tool is accompanied by a document (PDF) that provides general information on hands, laws and regulations that deal with hand protection, and types of gloves. The document also lists proposed steps for risk assessment and the glove selection process. Users will also find details on the standard methods used to measure glove resistance to mechanical hazards and the glove performance levels used in the interactive selection tool.

The selection guide is designed for occupational use, but IRSST notes that it may also be useful for individuals who need protective gloves for personal or leisure activities.

A short video tutorial demonstrates how to use the Protective Gloves Selection Guide.

To learn more, visit IRSST’s website.