MSHA to Focus on Safety Standards for Lighting Work Areas, Falling Materials

Published May 18, 2016

​Last week, MSHA announced plans to enhance enforcement of its “Rules to Live By” initiative, which is intended to prevent fatalities in mining. The fourth phase of the agency’s initiative focuses on preventing common mining deaths related to agency standards for safe lighting of surface work areas at coal mines and protection from falling materials at metal and nonmetal mines. Violations of these standards contributed to six fatalities each during the past 10 years.

“[MSHA] analysis shows fatalities associated with Rules to Live By standards have decreased by an average of 23 percent,” the agency’s press release states. “Significant and substantial citations and orders issued for violations of these standards have also declined by an average of 37 percent, while MSHA issued more than 45,000 ‘significant and substantial’ citations and orders for violations of Rules to Live By standards.”

For more information, visit MSHA’s Rules to Live By Web page.