NIOSH: Beware of Counterfeit N95 Respirators

Published April 6, 2016

NIOSH has issued an alert to respirator users, purchasers, and manufacturers about a counterfeit N95 respirator on the market. While the unapproved unit carries a valid testing and certification (TC) number and private label holder (KOSTO), it can be identified by the misspelling of “NIOSH” on the front of the respirator. A photograph of the counterfeit respirator is available on NIOSH’s website, where the agency will post notices as it becomes aware of other counterfeit respirators or those misrepresenting NIOSH approval.

According to NIOSH, individuals should check the respirator approval markings or the Certified Equipment List to verify that respirators are NIOSH-approved. An example of the correct exterior markings on a NIOSH-approved filtering facepiece respirator is posted near the bottom of NIOSH’s Web page for respirator user notices.

For more information, NIOSH urges respirator users to visit its Trusted Source page, which includes information on the different types of respirators and how to identify approved models and outlets for purchase; a listing of all NIOSH-approved and FDA-cleared surgical N95 respirators; a listing of recently revoked respirator approvals; and relevant user notices.