NIOSH Proposes Study to Assess Hazards to Oil and Gas Workers

Published April 12, 2017

NIOSH has proposed a two-year study to assess safety and health hazards to workers in oil and gas extraction. To examine the health and safety issues and concerns of this work force, the agency intends to conduct a survey questionnaire of 500 land-based oil and gas extraction workers in five U.S. states: Texas, North Dakota, Colorado, Oklahoma, and a state in the Appalachian Basin. NIOSH researchers seek to determine on-duty and off-duty factors that contribute to motor vehicle crashes, injuries, and illness among land-based oil and gas extraction workers in the U.S. Additional survey questions about environment and behaviors will be asked of workers who drive as part of their duties.

“The results of this study will guide the development of evidence-based and priority interventions and future research in the [oil and gas (O&G)] extraction industry that will improve the safety and health of O&G workers,” NIOSH states in the Federal Register.

Comments on the proposed project are due in early May. For more information, see the Federal Register notice.