NIOSH Seeks Proposals on Robotics Technologies for Assisting in Mine Rescue

Published May 7, 2014

NIOSH’s Office of Mine Safety and Health Research (OMSHR) seeks proposals on practical robotics technologies or systems to support self-escape and mine rescue efforts and assist in improving emergency response to mine disasters. OMSHR specifically requests proposals on robotics technologies or systems that can:

  • be lowered through boreholes and navigated through mines, providing visual and atmospheric information to an operator on the surface
  • explore several thousand feet ahead of rescue teams and provide visual and atmospheric information back to the teams following the robot
  • remove injured miners or carry heavy loads into and out of the mine

Proposed robotics technologies or systems should be designed so that electronics and other components do not introduce the possibility of an ignition should they encounter an explosive environment. OMSHR is also interested in proposals on technologies that would minimize or eliminate the possibility of an explosion with minimal impact on robots’ mobility and weight.

OMSHR is seeking proposals on technologies or systems that could be developed and adopted by the mining industry in a short period of time to support self-escape or mine rescue efforts, and will not consider proposals to conduct theoretical or basic research.

For more information, visit NIOSH’s website.