NPPTL Issues New Counterfeit N95 Respirator Notice

Published May 4, 2016

​For the second time since early April, the NIOSH National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory (NPPTL) has issued a counterfeit N95 respirator notice. The counterfeit respirator is being sold and marketed as NIOSH-approved although the manufacturer, Zubi-Ola, is not a private label holder or a NIOSH approval holder.

In addition, the agency contends that the manufacturer Wein Products is misrepresenting NIOSH approval for a respirator on the company website. All approvals for Wein Products were rescinded in 2011, according to NIOSH.

Previously, NIOSH alerted respirator users, purchases, and manufacturers about a counterfeit N95 respirator that carried a valid testing and certification (TC) number and private label holder (KOSTO), but could be identified by the misspelling of “NIOSH” on the front.

To verify if a respirator is NIOSH-approved, the agency suggests checking the respirator approval markings or the Certified Equipment List. NIOSH will continue to post notices as it becomes aware of other counterfeit respirators or those misrepresenting NIOSH approval on its website. The site also contains previously issued notices to manufacturers misrepresenting the NIOSH approval. Manufacturers were contacted and requested to remove all misleading information and references to NIOSH from their website.

NPPTL is the division of NIOSH that works to prevent diseases, injury, and death for workers relying on personal protective equipment (PPE).