NTP to Peer Review Draft RoC Monograph on Antimony Trioxide

Published November 29, 2017

The National Toxicology Program will hold a meeting on Jan. 24, 2018, to peer review the draft Report on Carcinogens monograph on antimony trioxide, the most commercially significant form of antimony. According to the Federal Register notice announcing the meeting, the major industrial use of antimony trioxide is as a synergist with halogenated flame-retardants in textiles, plastics, and rubber. Those who work in facilities that produce or use antimony trioxide may be exposed from inhalation of airborne solid dust.

Individuals interested in joining the meeting via webcast are required to register on NTP’s website. NTP anticipates that the draft monograph will be available online by tomorrow, Nov. 30.

The congressionally mandated RoC identifies and classifies agents, substances, mixtures, and exposures that are considered hazards for people living in the U.S. The 14th RoC, the most recent one prepared by NTP, was published in November 2016.

Earlier this year, the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry published a draft toxicological profile for antimony, a silvery white metal that is often mixed with other metals to form alloys used in lead storage batteries, solder, sheet and pipe metal, and other products. ATSDR’s toxicological profiles are intended to characterize the information on toxicologic and adverse health effects for hazardous substances.