New Draft Risk Assessments for Pesticides Available from EPA

Published December 14, 2016

​EPA recently released draft human health and ecological risk assessments for aliphatic esters, cyclanilide, cymoxanil, and certain other pesticides. According to the Federal Register notice, the risk assessments are part of EPA’s periodical reviews of pesticide registrations to ensure that pesticides continue to perform their intended function without “unreasonable” adverse effects on human health or the environment. Other pesticides included in this action include d-phenothrin, dimethomorph, fenpropathrin, imiprothrin, kresoxim-methyl, linuron, metalaxyl and mefenoxam, MGK-264, momfluorothrin, phosmet, prallethrin, tau-fluvalinate, tefluthrin, and tetramethrin. EPA has issued only draft ecological risk assessments for the chemicals bifenthrin, cyfluthrins (& beta), cypermethrin (alpha & zeta), cyphenothrin, deltamethrin, esfenvalerate, etofenprox, flumethrin, gamma-cyhalothrin, lambda- cyhalothrin, permethrin, and pyrethrins.

The newly published draft risk assessments cover all uses of each pesticide. Following the public comment period, which ends on Jan. 30, 2017, EPA will issue revised risk assessments to explain any changes to the draft risk assessments and respond to comments. At that time, EPA may also request public input on risk mitigation prior to completing a proposed registration review decision for the pesticides.

The draft risk assessments are available via the docket folder on To learn more, see the Federal Register notice.