New Webpage Describes How to Initiate NIOSH Rulemaking Activity Related to RPDs

Published December 13, 2017

NIOSH recently published a new webpage intended to help interested parties understand the process for submitting petitions to initiate a new rulemaking or changes to existing rules related to the approval of respiratory protective devices. The page, which is located with information on the NIOSH National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory, lists the information that rulemaking petitions must include. To be considered, petitions should include the petitioner’s name and the name of the organization they represent, contact information, and an explanation of the proposed action. Petitions must also include proposed language for a new or amended rule, the language the petitioner would remove from an existing rule, or the existing rule the petitioner would like repealed. An explanation of why the proposed action would be in the public interest and information and arguments that support and demonstrate the need for the proposed action are also required.

Submissions can be emailed to NIOSH or mailed to the NPPTL office in Pittsburgh, Pa. More information, including the appropriate mailing address, is available on NPPTL’s webpage.