OSHA Delays Enforcement of Most New Requirements under Electric Power Generation Rule

Published July 10, 2014

OSHA has issued an interim enforcement policy for its new final rule to improve occupational health and safety for workers performing electric power generation, transmission, or distribution work. The policy, which becomes effective tomorrow, July 10, delays enforcement of most new requirements of the rule for employers who are complying with the existing general industry rule until Oct. 31, 2014.

For further details on the policy, see OSHA’s memorandum.

OSHA’s new final rule revises the agency’s 40-year-old construction standard for electrical power line work to make it more consistent with the corresponding general industry standard. In addition, new general industry and construction standards for electrical protective equipment will replace the existing construction standard, which OSHA says was based on out-of-date information, with a set of performance-oriented requirements consistent with the latest revisions of relevant consensus standards.