OSHA Invites Stakeholders to Discuss Potential Updates to the HazCom Standard

Published November 2, 2016

​On Nov. 16, OSHA will hold a public meeting in Arlington, Va., to informally discuss potential updates to the Hazard Communication Standard. The meeting is part of the agency’s early rulemaking efforts to maintain the alignment of its Hazard Communication Standard with the most recent revision of the United Nations Globally Harmonized system of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS).

Stakeholders are invited to help identify topics or issues they would like OSHA to consider during a rulemaking to update the Hazard Communication Standard. OSHA also seeks to gather feedback from attendees regarding the types of publications that stakeholders might find helpful in complying with the standard. The agency intends to use this information to help identify topics on which OSHA should prepare additional compliance materials in the future.

OSHA requests that all attendees pre-register for the meeting by completing a short online form. Individuals who intend to attend the meeting in person must pre-register at least seven days before the meeting to ensure that they will be able to access the MSHA headquarters building, where the meeting is being held. Information on conference call-in and WebEx capability is available on OSHA’s website.

For further details, see the Federal Register notice.