Online Assessment Now Available for NIOSH's Talking Safety Curriculum

Published December 7, 2016

​Students who complete NIOSH’s Youth@Work — Talking Safety curriculum are now able to take an online assessment to measure their knowledge of the foundational workplace health and safety skills taught through the curriculum. Those who successfully meet the passing benchmark for the assessment will earn a digital badge issued by NIOSH to electronically indicate their knowledge of this topic. The assessment was developed as part of a collaboration between NIOSH and NOCTI, a provider of industry-based credentials and partner industry certifications for career and technical education programs in the U.S.

"Providing young workers with the knowledge they need to stay safe on the job not only ensures their health and safety in their first jobs, but also sets them on a path to feeling empowered to make their safety and health on the job a priority throughout their working lives," said NIOSH Director John Howard, MD. "Working with NOCTI helps us further this goal by providing a way for young workers to demonstrate that they understand the foundations of workplace safety and health and are ready to apply these new skills."

NIOSH’s Youth@Work — Talking Safety curriculum is designed to help educators teach young people the basics of occupational health and safety in a fun, interesting way. According to the agency, the free foundational curriculum includes information relevant to every occupation.  Interested individuals can find customized information on the curriculum by state on NIOSH’s website.

Related: The Safety Matters program was jointly introduced in October 2015 by AIHA and NIOSH, and is intended to raise awareness among young workers about workplace safety and health. Safety Matters, which is based on NIOSH’s Youth@Work — Talking Safety curriculum, is a one-hour interactive teaching module and PowerPoint presentation targeted to students in grades 7 through 12.