Standard to Protect Workers Engaged in Open-surface Tank Operations Revised

Published February 8, 2017

​A revision of ANSI/ASSE Z9.1, Ventilation and Control of Airborne Contaminants during Open-Surface Tank Operations, is newly available. The ANSI/ASSE Z9.1 – 2016 standard establishes minimum control requirements and ventilation system design criteria for controlling and removing air contaminants to protect the health of workers engaged in open-surface tank operations. The new revision includes additional visuals for hood configurations and area equations, and diagrams of automated tank covers and local exhaust ventilation systems. The standard’s appendices include chemical data tables and a form to audit compliance with Z9.1. The standard also covers classification of open-surface tank operations, emission and exposure control requirements, push-pull ventilation, general exhaust ventilation, vapor degreasing tanks, and more.

The new revision is available for purchase via the AIHA Store and ASSE’s website.