WEEL Value for HCFO-1224yd(Z) Available for Comment

Published March 8, 2017

​The Occupational Alliance for Risk Science (OARS) Workplace Environmental Exposure Level (WEEL) Committee has developed a WEEL value for (Z)-1-Chloro-2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene, or HCFO-1224yd(Z). According to the WEEL value and documentation, which are are available in a PDF on the OARS webpage, HCFO-1224yd(Z) is used as a single substance or in a mixture with other substances for refrigeration. The proposed WEEL value is 1,000 ppm as an eight-hour time-weighted average (TWA).

The WEEL value “is expected to provide a significant margin of safety against the production of any potential adverse health effects in workers exposed to HFCO-1224yd(Z) and is consistent with good industrial hygiene practices,” the documentation reads.

The WEEL value and documentation (PDF) are now available for public comment. Please email comments to Ann Parker or fax them to (513) 558-7199 by the comment deadline, March 31, 2017.

WEELs are airborne concentration limits that provide guidance for protecting most workers from adverse health effects related to occupational chemical exposures. The table of WEEL values is available on the OARS website.