WHO Invites Organizations to Participate in Chemical Risk Assessment Network

Published August 21, 2013

Institutions engaged in human health risk assessment of chemicals are invited to become participants in the World Health Organization (WHO) Chemical Risk Assessment Network, an initiative launched last month to improve global efforts to assess health risks from chemical exposure. According to WHO, the network’s objectives include providing a forum for scientific and technical exchange; assisting in the identification of research needs and promoting the application of new science in risk assessment practice; sharing information about work programs to avoid duplication of effort; and assisting in the identification of emerging risks to human health from chemicals.

Government and public health institutions, intergovernmental organizations, professional societies, nongovernmental organizations in official relations with WHO, and other nonprofit entities with relevant expertise are invited to become network participants.

For more information on the Chemical Risk Assessment Network, read the WHO brochure. To apply to become a network participant, download the application form.