What Does Solis' Resignation Mean for OHS?

Published January 16, 2013

Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis announced her resignation last week, opening another place to fill in President Obama’s Cabinet. No date has been set for Solis’ departure, and it is not clear who will replace her for the president’s second term. What could a new Secretary of Labor mean for occupational health and safety? A lot is going to depend on who is appointed, said AIHA® Director of Government Affairs Aaron Trippler in last Friday’s Safe & Sound podcast.

“One of the names that was floating around was someone who was with the AFL-CIO,” Trippler stated. “If that is the case, I think you would see OSHA probably go even more towards enforcement. ... Other than that, I think you just have to wait and see.”

The new Secretary of Labor might replace existing staff at the department, which could include Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA Dr. David Michaels, but Trippler believes that Dr. Michaels will be asked to stay on. “I don’t think this administration is going to do a lot different than in the last four years,” Trippler said. Read Trippler’s latest Washington Insider blog post about Solis’ resignation on the Synergist Blog.

Solis’ statement of resignation is available on the Department of Labor website.