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Alice Hamilton: Crusader and Scientist

September 2014

In this special podcast, author Barbara Sicherman discusses one of the most influential figures in the history of occupational health.

Detector Tubes

July 2014

Steve Luecke of Nextteq shares information about the design, functionality, and applications of detector tubes.

Whole Air Sampling

May 2014

Listen to Steve Luecke, industrial hygiene manager at Nextteq, discuss whole air sampling in this month's podcast.


February 2014

How will OSHA's proposed rule for crystalline silica affect exposure assessments? Listen as Debbie Dietrich, CIH, of SKC discusses this timely topic.

The Future of OELs

​November 2013

Debbie Dietrich, CIH, vice president and corporate industrial hygienist at SKC, Inc., discusses the future of occupational exposure limits.

New Technology for Chemical​ Sensors

October 2013

Linda Coyne of SKC, Inc., discusses the development and application of liquid crystal technology in chemical sensors.

Chemical Inventory Management

September 2013

Anne Sefried, the inventory consultant for ChemSW, discusses how inconsistent, inefficient, and inaccurate chemical inventory management processes are incurring higher risk, and how to ensure chemical safety and compliance with regulations.

Hydrogen Sulfide

July 2013

Draeger Safety's Greg Holland discusses the monitoring and detection of hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

Dust Samplers

April 2013

Debbie Dietrich of SKC, Inc., talks about new developments in dust samplers.

Changes to LEED

June 2012

Ed Stuber, business development manager for Galson Laboratories, discusses upcoming changes to the LEED testing and certification program.

Real-time Detection Systems

April 2012

Doug Dowis, the international sales manager for SKC, Inc., speaks with The Synergist® about advances in real-time detection systems.

Exposure Measurements in Mining

June 2011

Bill Walsh of Galson Laboratories discusses exposure measurements in above-ground mining.

Measuring Low-level Contaminants

March 2011

Debbie Dietrich of SKC, Inc., explains why the measurement of low-level contaminants is a challenge for health and safety professionals; discusses NIOSH, OSHA, and EPA sampling methods; and describes advances in sampling equipment.


June 2010

Joe Unangst, president and CEO of Galson Laboratories, discusses REACH and Derived No-Effect Levels (DNELs).

Gas Detection Equipment

May 2010

Dave Kuiawa, director of training and field services with Industrial Scientific Corporation, chats​ with The Synergist® about gas detection equipment.