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Contributing to the Success of Industrial Hygienists Approvedcjones@sfwater.orgNo, this is a genuine comment.Carolyn Jones
#IAmIH: The Impact of Your Donations Approvedlsloan@aiha.orgNo, this is a genuine comment.Lawrence D Sloan
Delivering Value to Local Sections No, this is a genuine comment.Dina Siegel
Universal Precautions and HazCom in Healthcare Approvedrwm@Lion.comNo, this is a genuine comment.Roger Marks, Author
Universal Precautions and HazCom in Healthcare Approvedmontgomd@ohsu.eduNo, this is a genuine comment.Dede Montgomery, MS, CIH
AIHA’s Proposed Bylaws Changes Approvedcao.ostrowski@gmail.comNo, this is a genuine comment.Cynthia Ostrowski
AIHA’s Proposed Bylaws Changes Approvedlwkcih@comcast.netNo, this is a genuine comment.Lawrence W. Keller, MS CIH,CSP
Photo Essay Contest: A Trip to the ER ApprovedDTDRYSDALE@EARTHLINK.NETNo, this is a genuine comment.Dale T. Drysdale
Photo Essay Contest: From Athlete to IH Approvedehmaples96@gmail.comNo, this is a genuine comment.Elizabeth H. Maples
No presence informationAshlee Wilcox​Introducing the Women in IH Community Approvedawilcox@aiha.orgNo, this is a genuine comment.Ashlee Wilcox - AIHA
​Introducing the Women in IH Community Approvedslcroghan@yahoo.comNo, this is a genuine comment.Stacey Croghan
​Introducing the Women in IH Community No, this is a genuine comment.Regina Shumate
​Introducing the Women in IH Community Approvedboudreaujeanne1@gmail.comNo, this is a genuine comment.Jeanne L Boudreau
​Why OHS Professionals Are Turning Toward Total Worker Health  Approvedlee.newman@ucdenver.eduNo, this is a genuine comment.Lee S. Newman
​Why OHS Professionals Are Turning Toward Total Worker Health  Approvedmichel.guillemin@gmail.comNo, this is a genuine comment.Guillemin Michel
​Maximizing Value for Members Approvedraghava.ehs@gmail.comNo, this is a genuine comment.Raghavendra
​Are All Workplace Chemical Exposures Recordable?  Approvedbeatsilica@gmail.comNo, this is a genuine comment.Corey Bender
​Noise Instrument Integrator Settings: What the Differences Show Us about Current Noise Exposure Standards Approvedgodfrey.kubheka@gmail.comNo, this is a genuine comment.Mfanimpela Godfrey Kubheka (ROHT, SAIOH)
​Photo Essay Contest: A Noise Study on an Aircraft Carrier ApprovedLayne.Hardison@ettp.doe.govNo, this is a genuine comment.Layne Hardison, MS, ASHM, GSP
No presence informationDina M. Siegel, CIH, CSP, CBSP, FAIHA​Photo Essay Contest: A Noise Study on an Aircraft Carrier No, this is a genuine comment.Dina Siegel
​Running Old Modeling Programs on Your New PC ApprovedTJK6@163.COMNo, this is a genuine comment.ERIK CHEN
#IAmIH: Don’t Let a Lapse Become a Slump  Approvedjrue@exxon.comNo, this is a genuine comment.Jon
No presence informationEd Rutkowski#IAmIH: Alexander Maldonado, American Airlines Approvederutkowski@aiha.orgNo, this is a genuine comment.Ed Rutkowski, Editor-in-Chief, The Synergist
#IAmIH: Alexander Maldonado, American Airlines Approvedphillip.r.1@bwc.state.oh.usNo, this is a genuine comment.Phil
#IAmIH: Samuel Paik, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Approvedcorreia_ihc@hotmail.comNo, this is a genuine comment.Vincent A. Correia
#IAmIH: Longtime Student Member Charts Course for Long-Term IH Career ApprovedJwdelucca@att.netNo, this is a genuine comment.Jorge Delucca
#IAmIH: "I'm Really Excited for the Future" ApprovedDwunsch1@comcast.netNo, this is a genuine comment.Doris Wunsch
#IAmIH: Brian Alexander, Xcel Energy Approveddoherjc@cpchem.comNo, this is a genuine comment.John Doherty, CIH, CSP
DNA Sequencing: The Next Generation Approveddavid.miller@carleton.caNo, this is a genuine comment.J. David Miller
DNA Sequencing: The Next Generation Approvedhlevin6@gmail.comNo, this is a genuine comment.Hal Levin
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