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Build and Manage Your Career with CareerAdvantage

​By Gabriella Lehimdjian

Finding a job is hard enough, but trying to find a job in a niche industry like ours is even harder. There are so many jobs out there for industrial hygienists and OEHS professionals, but where should you start? 

Enter AIHA’s CareerAdvantage, where job seekers can find the right jobs for their skill sets and employers can get connected with qualified candidates in the industry. 

Employers can use the online platform to post jobs, search for qualified candidates, and track submissions all in one place. Conversely, job seekers can post their resumes and apply for jobs, at no cost! CareerAdvantage also offers career development services, available year-round. 

CareerAdvantage can help you build and manage your career in person at AIHce EXP​ in Seattle, Wash., in June. The Building Careers for Life Development Fair will host several events for attendees, including speed networking, on-site mock interviews, resume counseling, and career seminars. These events allow employers to put a “face to a name” and candidates can let their personalities shine through. If you’ve registered for AIHce EXP, be sure to add these professional development opportunities to your schedule!

If you use the CareerAdvantage site, make sure to check it frequently for updates. The key to using the platform is making sure your information is up-to-date. Whether you’ve posted a job opening or a resume, it’s important to review the site often in order to get the most out of it. Employers can get real-time statistics on how their posts are doing and job seekers can see the latest openings and update their resume at the click of a button. CareerAdvantage is packed with tips and ways to connect with industry insiders for guidance. 

If you want to learn more about how CareerAdvantage can work for you, please email Wanda Barbour​, AIHA’s Senior Manager of Member and Customer Relations. 

Gabriella Lehimdjian is AIHA’s Marketing and Communications Specialist​.


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