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The Value of AIHA Membership

​By Laurie Mutdosch

I am often asked to define the “value” of AIHA membership​. My answer? It is as unique as the individual making the decision to join or renew. It is never a one-size-fits-all option. However, for those who are trying to get buy-in from their employer, being able to articulate the value and ROI is crucial. 

When it comes to the value/ROI of member dues, you really need to take into consideration both the tangible and intangible benefits. 

The tangible benefits are common among most associations and include items such as a monthly magazine or journal (hardcopy and/or virtual), publications, resources, professional development, job board, awards and recognition, and varying levels of social media presence. Most of these benefits are included in the member dues, while others, such as educational events or publications for purchase, come with special, members-only pricing.

The intangible benefits are harder to quantify, but this is the most important aspect to consider. It’s that age-old adage of “what’s in it for me?” Will I have the opportunities to strengthen my skills and expand my knowledge? Does membership align with my professional and personal goals? Can I volunteer in such a way that takes into account my interests and the time I have to give? Is leadership development offered, and will it provide me a pathway to service on the Board of Directors? Can I make new connections (face-to-face or virtual) that will expand and maximize my professional network? How will my company, and its bottom line, benefit? A membership that offers all of these benefits is invaluable.

Membership is a personal experience and is very rewarding for those who take full advantage of everything membership has to offer. Don’t wait: start today​!

Laurie Mutdosch is AIHA’s senior manager of Membership & Professional Community.


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