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Welcome to SynergistNOW

By Ed Rutkowski

T​his blog is the newest member of the growing Synergist family. It joins our two e-newsletters—The Synergist Weekly, which covers the latest news affecting OEHS professionals; and Synergist Newswire, which links to coverage of OEHS topics in the wider media—and of course The Synergist itself, in both its print and digital forms. 

The category descriptions on the left give you an idea of what we plan to publish, though I expect SynergistNOW to evolve in unforeseen directions and quite possibly change in ways our staff hasn’t envisioned. I hope you’ll join us in discovering these new directions by signing up to receive SynergistNOW.

SynergistNOW is a free subscription open to anyone, not just AIHA members. And even if you are a member, you will still have to subscribe to SynergistNOW.

There are two ways to receive notifications of new blog posts: through e-mail or through an RSS feed. Here are directions to sign up for either:

  1. Enter your e-mail address in the box to the right and click “subscribe.” You’ll be brought to the website of Specific Feeds, the utility we’re using to manage blog distribution. 
  2. Follow the instructions for creating an account—trust me, it’s easy.
  3. You’ll receive an e-mail from SynergistNOW with a randomly generated password. (You might have to dig this e-mail out of your junk folder. If you do, be sure to whitelist the e-mail address "" so future messages will arrive in your inbox.) Click on the link in the e-mail to confirm your subscription.
  4. Personalize your subscription through the Specific Feeds interface (see the screenshot below). You can bypass e-mail entirely if you prefer by selecting the "By RSS" option only.

My hope is that SynergistNOW becomes a gateway to both the magazine and to AIHA, that it provides unique perspectives on OEHS-related topics, and, most importantly, that it raises awareness among new audiences of industrial hygiene’s vital role in protecting the health of workers and the community. If you like what you r​ead here, I encourage you to forward SynergistNOW posts to a friend, student, or employee…the more people learn about AIHA, the better.

As always, I welcome your suggestions for improvement, which you can share either in the comments or by e-mailing me directly. 

Ed Rutkowski is editor-in-chief of The Synergist​.


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