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Response to Kelly Dennison


<div class=ExternalClass026CB67D57DD487587AB20727414970C>Kelly, I have not received any emails with specific responses to my article. In the example I gave, if the fictional character, Norm, does not press his case any further, I would say he is still acting ethically. He has clearly and properly asserted his opinion within his organizational constraints. Going around his boss may be considered totally unacceptable within his company's culture and may cost him his job. Although I would personally prefer less acquiescence on his part, it is unreasonable to expect IHs to take every issue they feel strongly about to the point of risking their employment. Brinkmanship isn't a good model for working within an organization. The boss in this case didn't completely rule out fixing the ventilation; he just gave it a lower priority than Norm would, which is his managerial prerogative. He may have access to information that Norm doesn't, as well. Bruce Lippy</div>

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