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<div><font color="#000000">In response to &quot;From the Grassroots&quot; of June/July 2011, Funding the ERCs reaps positive social and material outcomes that few other investments would have to confront the estimated $ 1 billion cost per week of workplace injury, illness and death. While Mr. Chute firmly promotes neoliberal market philosophy, he has little direct knowledge or experience in the contemporary processes of learning in the ERCs. Current faculty, students, and staff engage stakeholders, including employers, in participatory research, learning, and service to confront the emerging health and safety issues of the increasingly complex global economy. We work with groups with few resources that the marketplace ignores or marginalizes such as immigrant construction workers or home care workers. Equity and diversity are our strategic goals.&nbsp; Without financial support to encourage the participation of students from poor or minority families through the ERCs, the fields of occupational health and safety will continue to reflect those that can afford to participate: dominant culture men. The ERCs are a sustainable model of interdisciplinary learning that may not be replicated in for profit education settings that Mr. Chute describes. The investments we make now to fund the ERCs will promote occupational health, equity, and social justice, benefiting our families for generations to come. Joseph Zanoni, PhD, MILR, Director of Continuing Education and Outreach, Illinois Education and Research Center. <br><br>Joseph Zanoni, PhD, MILR <br>Director of Continuing Education and Outreach <br>Illinois Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety Education and Research Center <br>Research Assistant Professor <br>Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences <br>School of Public Health <br>University of Illinois at Chicago</font></div>

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