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<div>I agree with Mr. Chute that we should examine our assumptions about whether funding for the NIOSH ERCs should continue.&nbsp; I have deep concerns about the U.S. budget deficit.</div>
<div>Yet I draw different conclusions than Mr. Chute does.&nbsp; First, I draw a distinction between NIOSH and NIOSH Education and Research Centers (ERCs).&nbsp; ERCs provide education and research which professionals need in order to protect worker health.&nbsp; I don’t believe that employers can efficiently protect worker health without educated advisors such as industrial hygienists and safety professionals.</div>
<div>Today’s academic environment is indeed different, but I and the many ERC graduates I know relish getting out of the classroom or office and into other work environments where products and materials are being made.&nbsp; I’ve worked in industry since graduation from an ERC 16 years ago.&nbsp; The majority of my colleagues work or consult for industry as well.</div>
<div>I believe that ERCs are doing a fine job of educating professionals and delivering sound science.&nbsp; The U.S. government has a well established and important role in safeguarding the public health of citizens.&nbsp; NIOSH ERCs are one small and important contributor to public health.&nbsp; By educating and providing sound science, the ERCs enable prevention of workplace illnesses and injuries and therefore deliver value to both employers and to employees.</div>
<div>It would be challenging to perform, but I’d love to see a calculation of the value delivered by NIOSH ERCs over the past 40 years relative to the cost.&nbsp; In addition to being an IH, I am also an investor.&nbsp; I’d wager that the value provided by the ERCs to the U.S. economy exceeds the cost several times over.</div>
<div>Unfortunately long-term thinking is often a casualty of challenging economic times.&nbsp; I call on EHS professionals to continue to advocate for prevention of workplace illness and injury.&nbsp; I believe that NIOSH ERCs are foundational in preventing workplace illnesses and injuries.&nbsp; This makes the NIOSH ERCs highly important to workers, employers and to our society.</div>
<div>Respectfully, </div>
<div>Debbie Brown<br></div></font></div>

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