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<div>As an ERC Director, and graduate of two institutions that house ERCs, I applaud the comments of Debbie Brown. The ERC graduates pay back many times over at workplaces around the country and around the world as the global economy expands.  The University of Cincinnati has posted a number of these 'testimonials' at <a href=""></a> showing many millions of dollars saved--and these are just the very few stories that we have been privileged to have shared by graduates. Graduates earn substantially higher salaries than would be expected from the Bachelor degree program, and thereby grow the economy for all of us.  Some pay back to their institutions or professional organizations, as well; but their most important 'pay back' is facilitating the improvement in workplace health and safety. Ultimately, these actions reduce health care costs, improve the bottom line for business to reinvest and improve the quality of both work life and family life.    <br> <br>Current students are highly engaged in workplaces and the community during their education. ERC students work with other members of the health and safety disciplines by doing joint projects; these most often are field-based--leveraging, applying and refining what is learned in the classroom.  As a Professor, I share the best that I have experienced, and watch them improve on it!   <br> <br>One might view the ERCs as an insurance product. We could get away without this stream of professionals (no insurance), or perhaps another, cheaper plan with smaller-font print could be purchased (e.g., self-study program).  But would there be quality when it was needed--like at the Clearwater Horizon response, or dealing with the aftermath of the World Trade Center exposures, or every day when a family member receives an injury at work or can avoid exposure to a toxic material?   Would the small-font insert include a 'not studied in order to decrease time-to-degree' clause?  <br> <br>Hmmmm. We could find out, if the ERCs are terminated.   <br> <br>From the testimonials by our graduates, I know that the country gets $ubstantial benefit from the UC ERC.  Personally, I would rather support dollars directed toward proven returns from education as shown in the testimonials than toward medical treatment and social support after an avoidable injury and illness.  <br>  <br>Carol Rice, Ph.D., CIH<br>Professor<br>Department of Environmental Health<br>University of Cincinnati <br>3223 Eden Avenue<br>PO Box 670056<br>Cincinnati OH 45267<br></div></font></div>

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