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Enjoyed Your Story


<div class=ExternalClass79BC1FD3AD1F4B3589362D15CA6A75B0>I am a staff Industrial Hygienist for DuPont, and it seems that my bread and butter since I started working there in February of this year has been noise surveys.  I too suffer from a small degree of hearing loss, self induced by the lack of hearing protection over the years, and the loud music I listened to in my youth.  I have tinitus, all the time.  I too am kind of on a plight to make sure that I perform and recommend all of the possible preventative measures I can to thwart off anyone else having to deal with hearing loss.  It is not fun, and I am not happy that I was careless.  I enjoyed your story, and it made me think a little about my own life.  Thanks for the inspiration.</div>

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