Comments: I also give OSHA credit.


I also give OSHA credit.


<div class=ExternalClass9DFFAC7499C0444A8970D35F8CDCE282><div>Aaron, I agree. Let's give OSHA credit for following through on their commitment to align the HCS with the GHS. I am in favor of the concept of &quot;Hazards not otherwise classified.&quot; It is hard to see how one could argue that workers should not be educated and warned about pyrophoric gases, physical asphyxiants and, yes, in my opinion, combustible dust, even though they do not fall within the descriptions of existing hazard classes in the GHS. I have worked in this field for 41 years and this push-back on the reasonable changes to the HCS is among the most discouraging events I have seen.</div>
<div>John Baker, CIH</div>
<div>Total Safety EHS Services</div>
<div>Houston, TX</div></div>

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