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February 05
Washington Insider: Fiscal Cliff, Round Two

By Aaron Trippler

Will sequestration take effect on March 1? That's the big question, and as of now it looks like Congress will allow the cuts to go through. It's hard to tell what kind of impact this will have on the economy, but for the federal government and for those doing business with the government, the impact will be substantial. For example, word is that the Department of Defense is considering telling some employees that they will be furloughed for up to 22 days in April. Plus, they are being told that there will be absolutely no travel of any kind allowed and that all temporary workers will be terminated.

You can be angry all you want, but as long as we continue to elect individuals who refuse to address our problems, this will likely continue. Remember: the fiscal cliff crisis in January was only round one. In round two, the sequestration issue is delayed only until March and the debt limit has been extended for only four months. The continuing resolution, which funds the government, also expires in March. Batten down the hatches; this could be a rough ride!


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