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February 14
Washington Insider: Michaels to Stay as Head of OSHA
By Aaron Trippler

Word has come down that David Michaels will be staying on as head of OSHA. There was some speculation that he might return to his previous post at George Washington University. This is good news for those who hope to see OSHA move forward on some of the agenda items started during President Obama's first term. The Injury and Illness Prevention Program (I2P2) will be number one on the list. However, despite Dr. Michaels' continued support of this effort, it will be very difficult to see I2P2 put in place any time soon.
We're still waiting to see who might be nominated and approved as Secretary of Labor to replace Hilda Solis. Seth Harris has been appointed as the temporary Secretary. The leading candidate for the permanent Department of Labor post seems to be Tom Perez.


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